Triplet Droplets vertical



on paper



Compose your own series

by selecting single photos

from my gallery.


Horizontal, vertical, shifted

or/and in various aspect ratios.



Here some suggestions

and ideas.


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Droplet triplet



Butterfly-Triplets as art-prints


Triplet 1 Distelfalter

Triplet Distelfalter

In case of commercial interest send a mail to my e-mailadress:


Triplet 2 Aurorafalter

Triplet Aurorafalter


Triplet 3 Bräunling

Triplet Bräunling


Triplet 4 Feuerfalter

Triplet Feuerfalter


Triplet 5 Gammaeule

Triplet Gammaeule


Triplet 6 Admiral

Triplet Admiral


Triplet 7 Blauling

Triplet Bäuling


Triplet 8 C-Falter

Triplet C-Falter


Triplet 9 Kaisermantel

Triplet Kaisermantel

Triplet 10 Kleiner Fuchs

Triplet Kleiner Fuchs


Triplet 11 Perlmuttfalter

Triplet Perlmuttfalter

Triplet 12 Pfauenauge

Triplet Pfauenauge

Triplet 13 Schwalbenschwanz

Triplet Schwalbenschwanz

Triplet 14 Weißling

Triplet Weißling


Triplet 15 Zitronenfalter

Triplet Zitronenfalter


Triplet 16 Taubenschwanz

Triplet Taubenschwanz

© all images by Mike Scholz,