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CD-cover Weird scenes       Mike Scholz
 Weird Scenes Beyond
       The Curtain


1 Invitation, 3:50
2 Beyond the curtain, 5:40
3 Cuba Libre, a suite of
    four cuban dances, 10:10
4 Pavel Pavansky, 19:29


5 Driftdive, 7:26
6 Housereef, 8:57
7 Thila, 13:05
8 Bluewater , 9:02

   total time: 78:43

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Music composed & arranged by Mike Scholz   © by Mike Scholz 2012, all rights reserved  

The full scores and the instrument-sheets are available by request.

Please listen at least with a good headphone.


Compositions for symphonic/filmmusic-orchestras

Beyond the curtain  
Cuba libre  
Pavel Pavansky  

OCEANICA - a suite for windband

Dancing Sardines  

Music for windband

Horns Up Swing march
Cold Coffee - Kalter Kaffee Latin for windband
Algovian Noches Tango for Akkordeon & Windband
Matterhorn Polka
Cafe au lait Tango for Akkordion & Windband


Sailing 2019 Housereef
Galapagos-Soundtracks-Land  Tila-2019
Seymour Mobula
Faces Encounters
Camouflage Desert
Colours Friday Night
Exvitation Reggae A-major-68
Bluewater The Wreck
Mikes Boogy p&bs Pianoversion
Mikes Boogy for strings Strinquintett
Elemento Pasional Tango Argentino for stringensemble
Elemento Pasional 2 Tango Argentino for stringensemble   & bandoneon
Dizzy Funky Stuff composed & played by Rainer Hertkorn.
Guitar solo by Mike Scholz

Playing my guitars


Inspiration at 11:25 pm Jazz, Swing, Guitarduet
Lady charly Slow funk
Chilling Latin, Bolero, Cha Cha
Felicity Jazz-Samba
Drifting Latin Rock
String Tango Tango Nuevo
Bossa Nova #6 Bossa Nova style
Isolated Jazz Walz
My Sassy Samba Jazz Samba
Aqua Minerale Funky Fusion jazz
Fata Morgana Guitarduet
Cool Down Solo guitar, ballad, e-git
Cool Down ac Acoustic version
Milla Milla Funky Jazz
The Spell Pop-jazz? Who cares?
Seasons Solo guitar, ballad
Bonito Con Salsa Salsa
Blue Sky Bossa Nova
Song X Solo guitar, ballad
Samba Cancao Samba cancao
Nameless  Guitarduet, ballad
Worksong 2 Guitarduet, swing
Regentage (Rainy Days) Solo guitar, ballad
Black Hat Blues modified blues
Black Hat Blues version 2  
Black hat Blues for guitars  
Mr. Flottfinger Blues in G-minor, swing
Mike Scholz with FRESH CANFRUIT


Silly Song  
Blind eye funk *  
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