Customized scene matching soundtracks for your video- or movieproject

I compose and arrange orchestral film music/soundtracks for movies, videos, slideshows, webclips, theatermusic, jingles.
I compose in different sets of instruments, up from combo - big band - windband – to div. symphonic line ups. The styles I can use are symphonic-classical, Jazz, Latin, Brasil, Blues, Funk, Polka, March...........

Principally I always write the music in full scores and excerpts of the single voices, so that my music can also be played by orchestras. In doing so I can offer longer themes as individually customized soundtracks matching the edit, or I can support single scenes with characteristical melodies, instrumentations and chord-movements. A mixture with electronic sounds is possible too. A video-clip is worth a thousand words. Learn more about my customized soundtracks by enjoying my videos in my VIMEO-website.





© All videos and music composed and arranged by Mike Scholz. All rights reserved.

My soundtrack-services

All files will pricipally delivered or sent as printable PDF-files and as FINALE-files.

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Soundtrack-CD (Studio-Quality .wav)

    Fee required order
       Mike Scholz
 Weird Scenes Beyond
       The Curtain


1 Invitation, 3:50
2 Beyond the curtain, 5:40
3 Cuba Libre, a suite of
    four cuban dances, 10:10
4 Pavel Pavansky, 19:29


5 Driftdive, 7:26
6 Housereef, 8:57
7 Thila, 13:05
8 Bluewater , 9:02

   total time: 78:43

Price: 15,- € incl. shipping

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Music composed & arranged by Mike Scholz   © by Mike Scholz 2012, all rights reserved  


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