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arrangement sale

On this page you can listen to some different arrangements of some of my compositions, preview the full scores and purchase the complete scores including the performance-licences.

We will negotiate the fees after getting in contact.

Write your request with the contactpage, please. The title you want to order should be designated with a W, BB or S. You are allowed to copy the pdf-previews and forward them. Please regard the terms of licence.

CC batch  The listet works are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

© All music composed & arranged by Mike Scholz.  All rights reserved.

By buying my work, you will get the performing-licences.

Content of the complete packages on CD-ROM:

  • full score
  • condensed score (direktion)
  • the single instrument voices (sheets)
  • leadsheets of the soli
  • records of the music as audio-WAVE-files and mp3-files

Download: Arrangement-previews and mp3-clips

You´ ll read the instrumentation in the pdf-previews

Arragements for Symphony-Orchestra








S-Invitation Invitation.pdf   Invitation.mp3  

S-Beyond the curtain

S-curtain.pdf S-curtain.mp3  

S-Cuba Libre,

A suite of 4 cuban dances

Salsa Cubalibre.pdf Cubalibre.mp3  

S-Pavel Pavansky

symphonic music Pavansky.pdf Pavansky.mp3  


















W-Invitation Invitation.pdf Invitation.mp3  

W-Cuba Libre

A suite of 4 cuban dances 


Cuba libre.pdf Cubalibre.mp3  

W-Horns up










W-Bonito con salsa

Salsa, cha cha
















 Big-Band Arrangements








BB-Felicity  Samba Felicity-dir Felicity-mp3  
BB-Bonito con salsa


Bonito-dir Bonito-mp3  

BB-Another Summer Night

Jazz-Rock ASN dir ASN mp3  








Order with my contactpage please and

designate the titles you want to order with a W, BB, or an S.

Please regard the terms of use.



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